Туры для иностранных туристов

                           Туры в Сочи для китайских туристов. Экскурсии для китайцев в Сочи.

Мы внесены в реестр туроператоров, осуществляющий безвизовый прием туристов КНР в России по межправительственному соглашению в 2016-2017 г.г. Наш реестровый номер в Реестре туроператоров по въездному международному туризму МВТ 010653.

Наша компания организует экскурсии для китайцев и прием китайских туристов в Сочи. Мы предлагаем готовый турпродукт — туры в Сочи для китайцев с полным обслуживанием, начиная от встречи в аэропорту, проживания в отелях 2*,3*,4* (на выбор), питания и экскурсионного обслуживания в Сочи и на Красной Поляне.  Все экскурсии проводятся на китайском языке!
Вы можете заказать экскурсионную программу, согласно нашему прайсу «Туры в Сочи для китайцев», либо мы составим индивидуальное обслуживание по Вашему запросу. Турбюро «Южанка» гарантирует прием туристов из КНР в Сочи на самом высоком уровне. Внимательный подход и отношение к каждому туристу Вам будет обеспечен! Посетив наши туры для китайцев в Сочи, у Вас и Ваших туристов останутся только самые положительные воспоминания и впечатления о Сочи и России!

Что притягивает китайских туристов в Сочи сегодня?hello-chinese

  • Благоприятный политический фон отношений между нашими странами.
  • Правительственное соглашение о безвизовом туризме.
  • Интерес к истории и героике Великой России, ее наиболее известных городов.
  • Высокая активность рекламы туров по России в Китае.
  • Выгодное соотношение валют и невысокая стоимость туров в Сочи.
  • Возможность подышать свежим воздухом, насладиться красотой нашей природы, полюбоваться цветущими растениями, морскими и горными ландшафтами, сделать уникальные фото.
  • Интерес к Олимпийским объектам в Сочи, так как Китай готовится принимать Зимнюю Олимпиаду в 2022 году.kitayskaya-gruppa



Туры для групп иностранных туристов в Сочи. Экскурсии для иностранных туристов в Сочи

Наша компания  предоставляет полное туристское обслуживание, включая проживание, питание и экскурсионное обслуживание на английском, немецком и итальянском языках.

The main excursions in Sochi

  1. Mount Akhun  + Stalin's dacha —  4,5 hour

Mount Akhun is the highest coastal point in Sochi and well known for having the best panoramic view of the city. The 2,300-foot castle tower is the best vantage point overlooking the city and when visibility is good, it’s said you get to see the Turkish coast!

Stalin's Summer Residence (Dacha): Now open to the public as a museum. You will not only enjoy the natural beauties round Dacha, but you will also be carried into the past in 1930s in the former residence jf Soviet leader. You  could see Stalin’s life, Stalin’s world in those period &  wax figure of  Russian leader.  Stalin visited this dacha (home) frequently for meetings with top officials, including one with Chinese chairman Mao.

  1. A city tour – 3 hour

Sochi is the summer capital of Russia. Political and business meetings, rich cultural life, sports competitions, festivals, exhibitions and the possibility to be close with nature –that  is Sochi today. The post-Olympic city has a new look, providing new living standards to the guests of Sochi.  During our tour you’ll  sea Russian Orthodox Church of Michael Archangel,  the Seaport,  Art Square, one of the most beautiful squares of the city decorated with mini sculptures made by a famous local artist. Admire the neoclassical architecture and attractive four-columned portico of the Art Museum. You will then continue with the walking tour along the upper part of the seafront up to the very center of Sochi. In route you will see the monument to the Second Russo-Turkish War, the oldest Soviet hotel “Primorskaya” and the main square of the city, Theatre square with its impressive building of the Winter Theatre.

Our last stop – is “Riviera Park” — the biggest public park in the greater Sochi area and it is an all-season attraction. Its Friendship Alley has trees planted by famous politicians, celebrities and other well-known people including the best Russian cosmonauts and American astronauts!

  1. A trip to the Olympic park – 3-5 hours

In 2014 The Winter Olympic Games were held in Sochi. The lower cluster of the Winter Olympic Games — is the Olympic Park in the Imeritinskaya lowland. There were  built 6 new  magnificent stadiums, were held such competitions as figure skating, speed skating, hockey, short track, curling, the opening and closing ceremonies of the Olympic Games, seen by millions of spectators around the world. Since 2014 Formula-1 Grand Prix Russia has been taken place here too. The architecture of the Olympic Stadiums, the view at the Black Sea and the Caucasian Mountains, close location of the respectable hotels and amusement parks make Sochi more attractive for the tourists.

4. A trip to the mountains — alpine resort Krasnaya Polyana – is the upper cluster of the Winter Olympic Games in Sochi 2014 — 8-9 hours.

 New ski lifts, skiing runs, entertainment and health spa centers were built in Krasnaya Polyana. Krasnaya Polyana ("Red-Beautiful Glade") is the mountain village under the administration of Sochi. It is part of the Western Caucasus Chain, reaches an elevation of 6,600ft (2,000m) and is 25 miles (40km) far away from Sochi International Airport & Sea Cluster.

"Rosa Khutor", "Gazprom"& "Gornaya Karusel"  are the  mountain resorts within Krasnaya Polyana.  They were getting geared up for the World Cup events in 2013 and the Olympics in 2014! Alpine Skiing, Biathlon, Nordic Combined & Ski Jumping, Bobsleigh, Cross Country Skiing, Freestyle Skiing, Luge, Skeleton and Snowboarding was hosted in Krasnaya Polyana during the Winter Games.

You will  make promenade along Mzimta river,  along resort’s center & have meals in one of the restaurants in  Krasnaya Polyana. Then you’ll lift the gondola cable car up the mountain at the altitude 2200-2300 m and admire the majestic beauty of the Caucasus.  

In Krasnaya Polyana you can visit  some interesting places, optionaly:

  • Wild Live Centre of Caucasian State Nature Biosphere Reserve. Its 300 000 hectar area features diffrent types of mountain & Alpine ecosistems of the West Caucasus.  You will see bisons, West Caucasian turs- caucasian endemic,stone martens, lynxes,badgers, raccoons, Caucasian red deers, japanese deers,  different prey and waterfowl  birds.
  • Cultural & ethnographic park "My RUSSIA"
  •  Rides by cable cars  to the mountain's peak 2300 m (of various travel time and duration) to a ski resort of your choice: Gazprom, Rosa Khutor, Gorki Gorod;
  • Drink tasting of the Gifts of Krasnaya Polyana series — herbal liqueurs, infusions, balmy herbal blends, that have won noble prizes at international exhibitions;
  • Water amusements park (at "Galaxy Centre" or "Gorny Plyazh" swimming centers);
  • Parting some activities: rope tie adventure parks, walking tours/ biking tours on mountain paths and tracks $ so on.

5) Yew-and boxtree grove — 4 hour.

The yer -and boxtree grove  is relic preglacial forest. It is isolateve part of Caucasian State nature biosphere preserve,  it's area is 302 hertares. The grove is a kind of the botanical garden created by nathure in prehistoric times.  Some old yew- trees are 2000 years old.